Monday, 3 April 2017

After Cauvery, another row brewing over Mahanadi

NEW DELHI: during an era when Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are secured a furious fight over sharing of Cauvery waters, two more states - Odisha and Chhattisgarh - are on war way over sharing waters of the Mahanadi waterway. With the issue achieving a point where both states are not willing to move far from their separate positions, the Center has assembled a joint conference with the central priests of these two states here on Saturday.

Both Odisha boss clergyman Naveen Patnaik and his Chhattisgarh partner Raman Singh have affirmed their support in the meeting+ , which is to be led by water assets serve Uma Bharati.

While Odisha has blamed Chhattisgarh for not counseling it while building seven to eight blasts on the Mahanadi waterway, the last asserted that it has not been drawing more water than what is because of it. The Raman Singh government has additionally scrutinized the Patnaik government's protest to the blasts, saying these are not in any way hampering the stream of the waterway.

The Odisha government has likewise been requesting setting up of a tribunal to investigate the issue of water-sharing, contending that it was a focal government extend and subsequently the Center must accept an approach the issue in national premium. Mobile Number database provider

BJD's Lok Sabha MP Bhatruhari Mahtab, who had brought the issue up in Parliament amid the rainstorm session, stated, "The dedication when the Hirakud Dam was constructed was that the catchment range would be 84,000 sq km. That ought to be secured in light of a legitimate concern for the Hirakud store. Besides, Chhattisgarh needs to guarantee the non-rainstorm stream of water to Odisha in a way it was settled upon when the Hirakud Dam was built. The onus is on the Union government to see that the stream of the waterway is kept up without harming the interests of Odisha."

Source:- Timesofindia

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