Monday, 21 November 2016

Donald Trump Meeting Suggests He Is Keeping Up His Business Ties

WASHINGTON — President-elect Donald J. Trump met in the latest week in his office at Trump Tower with three Indian business associates who are building a Trump-stamped lavishness level complex south of Mumbai, raising new issues about how he will detach his business dealings from the work of the lawmaking body once he is in the White House.

An agent for Mr. Trump delineated the meeting as a generosity call by the three Indian land authorities, who flew from India to acclaim Mr. Trump on his race triumph. In a photograph posted on Twitter, each of the four men are smiling and offering a thumbs up.

"It was not a formal meeting of any kind," Breanna Butler, an agent for the Trump Organization, said when asked with respect to the meeting on Saturday.

One of the operators, Sagar Chordia, posted photographs on Facebook on Wednesday exhibiting that he similarly met with Ivanka Trump and Eric Trump. Mr. Trump's adolescents are keeping up his associations as they have impact in the presidential move.

Ms. Steward and Hope Hicks, a delegate for Mr. Trump, declined to comment when asked in the matter of whether the meeting with the Trump relatives fused any trade of Trump associations in India or developing that business.

Source:- Nytimes

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